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Research Grants and Young
Clinician Investigator Awards

As the premier funder of neurosurgical studies, the Neurosurgery Research and Education Foundation provides funding for studies in basic, translational and patient-oriented clinical research for investigators in North America through two neurosurgical research grant programs annually.

  • Research Fellowship (One year, $40,000)

Open to residents only, the NREF Research Fellowship provides training for neurosurgeons who are preparing for academic careers as clinician investigators. Applicants must be physicians who have been accepted into, or who are currently in approved residency training programs in neurological surgery in North America. This award requires a 100% time commitment.

  • Young Clinician Investigator Award (One year, $40,000)

The NREF Young Clinician Investigator Award supports junior faculty who are pursuing careers as clinical investigators. Applicants must be neurosurgeons, no more than two years from the end of their clinical training, who are full-time faculty in North American teaching institutions. This award requires a 50% time commitment.

The NREF does not pay for any indirect costs related to our grant awards. For more information and frequently asked questions, click here.

The 2016-2017 Research Grant and Young Clinician Investigator Award recipients are:

Christopher Alvarez-Breckenridge, MD, PhD

Massachusetts General Hospital

Award: AANS/CNS Joint Section on Tumors Research Fellowship Grant

Project Title: Genomic characterization of melanoma's metastatic genetic drivers to the brain and predictors of response to immune checkpoint blockade

Sponsor: Pricilla Brastianos, MD


Han-Chiao Isaac Chen, MD

University of Pennsylvania

Award: Bagan Family Foundation Young Clinician Investigator Award

Project Title: Restoring visual cortex function using self-aggregating cortical spheroid tissue or dissociated neurons

Sponsor: Stewart Anderson


Kimberly Hamilton, MD

University of Wisconsin-Madison

Award: AANS/CNS Joint Section on Pediatric Neurological Surgery Research Fellowship Grant

Project Title: The Folate and Methylation Pathway in Regeneration and Recovery of the Injured Peripheral Nervous System

Sponsor: Bermans Iskandar, MD, FAANS


Mark Alexander Mahan, MD

University of Utah

Award: NREF and American Academy of Neurological Surgery Young Clinician Investigator Award

Project Title: Preclinical model of rapid-stretch nerve injuries

Sponsor: Alan Light, PhD


Matthew Mian, MD

Massachusetts General Hospital

Award: AANS/CNS Joint Section on Pain Research Fellowship Grant

Project Title: Emotional Conflict Processing in Humans

Sponsor: Emad Eskandar, MD, FAANS

Jamie Purzner

Stanford University School of Medicine

Award: B*CURED/NREF Research Grant

Project Title: Exploring the Epigenetic Regulation of Neuronal Differentiation to Differentiate Medulloblatoma Cells

Sponsor: Margaret T. Fuller


Visish Srinivasan, MD

Baylor College of Medicine/M.D. Anderson Cancer Center

Award: AANS/CNS Joint Section on Cerebrovascular Research Fellowship Grant

Project Title: Endovascular Delivery of Allogenic Human Mesenchymal Stem Cells Transfected with the Delta-24 Oncolytic Virus in a Canine Model of Glioblastoma

Sponsor: Peter Kan, MD, FAANS


Ananth Vellimana

Washington University School of Medicine

Award: NREF/Medtronic Research Fellowship Grant

Project Title: Activation of Endogenous Protective Mechanisms: A Potential Therapeutic Strategy to Combat SAH-induced Neurovascular Dysfunction

Sponsor: Gregory J. Zipfel, MD, FAANS


Marcus Zachariah, MD

Massachusetts General Hospital

Award: NREF and American Academy of Neurological Surgery Research Fellowship Grant

Project Title: Circulating Tumor Cells and Brain Metastasis

Sponsor: Daniel Haber, MD, PhD

Read testimonials from past NREF awardees (PDF)

Past Awardees


Vijay Agarwal, MD
Zarina S. Ali, MD
Luis Enrique Kolb, MD
Daniel A. Orringer, MD
Rory J. Petteys, MD
Analiz Rodriguez, MD, PhD
Nicholas Szerlip, MD
Michael Tso, MD, PhD
Kristin J. Weaver, MD, PhD
Jon T. Willie, MD, PhD
Wael F. Asaad, MD, PhD
Neil Rainer Malhotra, MD
Katharine M. Cronk, MD
Heather H. McCrea, MD
Richard G. Everson, MD
Timothy Ryan Owens, MD
Fady Girgis, MD
Matthew R. Reynolds, MD
Michael Ivan, MD
Adam M. Sonabend, MD
Pierpaolo Peruzzi, MD
Shawn Hervey-Jumper, MD
Chad Washington, MD
Gary Schwartzbauer, MD
Craig Shannon, MD
Arthur Chou, MD
Michael Oh, MD
Sheila Singh, MD
Nader Sanai, MD
Sameer Sheth, MD, PhD
Stephen Monteith, MD
Nirav Patel, MD
D. Ryan Ormond, MD
Deshdeepak Sahni, MD
Jon Willie, MD
Christoph Hofstetter, MD
Ning Lin, MD
Hongyan Jenny Zou, MD
Michael Steinmetz, MD
Kaveh Asadi-Moghaddam, MD
Joel Bauman, MD
Raqeeb M. Haque, MD
Michael T. Koltz, MD
Shahid M. Nimjee, MD, PhD
Zeguang Ren, MD
Demitre Serletis, MD
Michael E. Sughrue, MD
Michael Lim, MD
Aaron Dumont, MD
John Kuo, MD
Jonathan Miller, MD
Rollin Hu, MD
Rahul Jandial, MD
Betty Kim, MD
Pawel Ochalski, MD
Daniel M. Sciubba, MD
Suzanne Tharin, MD
Timothy Vogel, MD
Jason S. Weinstein, MD
Gerald Grant, MD
Brian L. Hoh, MD
Jason Huang, MD
Eve Tsai, MD, PhD
Gregory Zipfel, MD
Justin Cetas, MD, PhD
H. Francis Farhadi, MD, PhD
Andrew Foy, MD
James Frazier, MD
Jason L. Gerrard, MD, PhD
Ming (David) Cheng
Lewis Chun Hou
Eric M. Jackson
Adrian W. Laxton
Daniel A. Lim
Neil R. Malhotra
Wael Musleh
Lyman W. Whitlatch
John Boockvar
Alfredo Quinones-Hinojosa (Deceased)
Michael D. Taylor
G. Edward Vates
Daniel P. Cahill
Ali Chahlavi
Suresh N. Magge
Joseph G. Ong
Gavin W. Britz, MD
William T. Curry, Jr.
Emad Eskandar
James W. Leiphart
Stephen Russell
David Cory Adamson
Ryan DenHaese
Michael Kelly
Brian Ragel
Michael Louis Smith
Maxwell Boakye
Steven Casha
Amy B. Heimberger
Charles Y. Liu
Ramin Amirnovin
Robert J. Kowalski
John S. Kuo
Todd G. Mainprize
Atom Sarkar
Judy Huang
Andrew T. Parsa
Kevin A. Walter
Sheila K. Singh
Ira Garonzik
Charles C. Matouk
Cornelia S. von Koch
Jeffrey P. Blount
Nicholas Boulis
Laurie L. Ackerman
Kent C. New
Adetokunbo A. Oyelese
Michael Taylor
Zelma H.T. Kiss
Theodore H. Schwartz
Dean Chou
John K. Park
Matthew D. Smyth
Michael M. Woodruff
John K. Park
Bruce E. Pollock
Michael A. Vogelbaum
Gregory D. Foltz
Babak S. Jahromi
Sunghoon Lee
Robert E. Gross
John H. Sampson
Tord D. Alden
Judith L. Gorelick
James M. Schuster
Frederick F. Lang
Carl Lauryssen
Amy B. Heimberger
E. Sander Connolly
Adam Mamelak
Frank Feigenbaum
Guy M. McKhann
James M. Markert
D. Kyle Kim
John H. Sampson
Lawrence S. Chin
Mark S. Dias
James D. Guest
William D. Hunter
R. Loch Macdonald
Donald M. O’Rourke
Abbas F. Sadikot
John Paul Elliott
William T. Couldwell
Diana L. Abson Kraemer
Mark S. LeDoux
Stephen L. Skirboll
Ian Pollack
Gregory A. Brandenberg
E. Thomas Chappell
Kenneth Follett
Jeffrey J. Olson
Eric L. Zager
Michael M. Haglund
M. Christopher Wallace
Joung H. Lee
Richard G. Parker (Deceased)
Samuel J. Hassenbusch
Fredric B. Meyer
John Aryanpur
Gary K. Steinberg
Julian K. Wu
Roberta P. Glick
J. Marc Simard
Griffith R. Harsh
Charles J. Weitz
Marc R. Mayberg
Warren R. Selman
Joseph M. Phillips
Steven J. Schiff
Samuel J. Hassenbusch
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