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The NREF is dedicated to funding groundbreaking neurosurgical research, providing extraordinary educational opportunities for neurosurgeons and supporting studies that identify links between best practices and improved outcomes in patient care.

Through voluntary public donations, corporate support and partnerships with institutions and affiliated organizations, the NREF has funded:


Resident/Fellow Education Courses


Clinical Fellowship Grants


Medical Student Summer Research Fellowships


Research Fellowship Grants & Young Clinician Investigator Awards


Joint Cerebrovascular Section Traveling Fellowships


Directed Residency Scholarships

Since its inception, the NREF has invested nearly $32 million in the future of neurosurgery.

None of this is possible without your support. Consider making a donation to show your commitment to neurosurgical research and the next generation of neurosurgeons.

The Correlation Between NREF Grants and NIH Funding

NREF funding of $9,839,000 = NIH Funding of $363,900,000

When a researcher wins multiple NREF awards...

One NREF Award:

Researchers who have won TWO NREF Awards: one NREF $ = 83 NIH $

State of the Neurosurgery Research & Education Foundation (NREF)

Thanks to you, the state of the NREF is strong and the commitment to the preservation and optimization of neurosurgery is steadfast. This impact report highlights all that you have helped the NREF achieve in recent years as of June 2020.


My NREF Fellowship was critical to the acquisition of skills in molecular biology research essential to subsequent successful competition for NIH Clinical Investigator Development and P-01 grants. Commitment to research opened a path to an academic career with further research, clinical, teaching and leadership opportunities.

Griffith R. Harsh IV, MD, MA, MBA, FAANS
Julian R. Youmans Endowed Chair
Professor and Chairman, Department of Neurological Surgery
University of California, Davis
1986 NREF Research Fellow

In 2007 I received a Young Clinician Investigator Award from the Neurosurgery Research & Education Foundation (NREF). This award was an important early step in my journey towards becoming an independent NIH-funded neurosurgeon-scientist dedicated to developing novel therapies for patients suffering from aneurysmal subarachnoid hemorrhage and vascular dementia. I cannot emphasize enough the importance of this type of career development award in the careers of junior faculty. Not only does it provide important resources to support their burgeoning research programs, but it also provides key external validation to their work. I take great pride in the opportunity to give back to the NREF in appreciation for the start it gave me over a decade ago – both from a financial perspective and as a member of its Board of Directors

Gregory J. Zipfel, MD, FAANS
Chair, Department of Neurosurgery
Ralph G. Dacey Distinguished Professor of Neurosurgery
Neurosurgeon-in-Chief, Barnes-Jewish Hospital
2007 NREF Young Clinician Investigator

NREF is the Philanthropic Arm of the AANS

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