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Honor Your Mentor – Subspecialties and Interests

Honor Your Mentor (HYM) Funds through the Neurosurgery Research & Education Foundation (NREF) recognize the incredible people who have advanced neurosurgery. Each fund has a specific area of interest. Donations will be directed to a chosen research or educational endeavor and/or institution in the name of the mentor.

The NREF will use gifts to HYM funds for the stated purpose of The Fund as outlined by the Donor and/or Institution. In the event the fund cannot be used for the stated purpose, the NREF Board of Directors retains discretion in consultation with the Donor and/or Institution, to expend the fund for one which most nearly approximates the mission of the Fund.



  • Ralph G. Dacey, MD, FAANS
  • Charles G. Drake, MD, FAANS 

Spine and Peripheral Nerves

  • Ulrich Batzdorf, MD, FAANS(L)
  • Ed Benzel, MD, FAANS
  • Charles L. Branch, Sr., MD, FAANS(L)
  • Edward S. Connolly, MD, FAANS(L)
  • Stewart B. Dunsker, MD, FAANS(L)
  • Richard G. Fessler, MD, PhD, FAANS
  • Regis W. Haid, Jr., MD, FAANS
  • David Kline, MD, FAANS(L)
  • Charles Kuntz IV, MD, FAANS
  • Sanford J. Larson, MD, PhD, FAANS(L)
  • Kent C. New, MD, PhD, FAANS(L)
  • Christopher I. Shaffrey, MD, FAANS
  • Volker K. H. Sonntag, MD, FAANS(L)
  • Charles H. Tator, MD, PhD, MA, FAANS(L) 

Neurotrauma & Critical Care

  • Anthony Marmarou, PhD
  • Hoi Sang U, MD, FAANS 


  • John C. Oakley, MD, PhD, FAANS
  • Kim J. Burchiel, MD, FAANS

Pediatric Neurological Surgery

  • A. Leland Albright, MD, FAANS(L) 

    Stereotactic and Functional Surgery

  • Roy A. E. Bakay, MD, FAANS


  • Andrew T. Parsa, MD, PhD, FAANS
  • Charles B. Wilson, MD, FAANS(L)
  • James T. Rutka, MD, PhD, FAANS
  • Hoi Sang U, MD, FAANS





  • Karin M. Muraszko, MD, FAANS
  • Shelly D. Timmons, MD, PhD, FAANS



Robert F. Heary, MD, FAANS


Military Neurosurgeons

Military Heroes


Neuroanatomical Research

Albert L. Rhoton, Jr., MD, FAANS(L)


Research Training

Martin H. Weiss, MD, FAANS(L) 


Socio-Economic Education

Lyal G. Leibrock, MD




Barnes-Jewish Hospital/Washington University

Henry G. Schwartz, MD


Boston Children's Hospital

R. Michael Scott, MD, FAANS(L)


Brigham & Women’s Hospital

Edward R. Laws, MD, FAANS(L)


Columbia University

Donald O. Quest, MD, FAANS(L)


University of Arkansas

Warren C. Boop, Jr., MD, FAANS(L)


University of Pittsburgh

Peter J. Jannetta, MD, DSc, FAANS(L)  


University of Tennessee

Jon H. Robertson, MD, FAANS


University of Virginia

John A. Jane, Sr., MD, PhD, FAANS(L)


Wake Forest University-

David L. Kelly, Jr., MD, FAANS(L)        


Weill Cornell Medical College

Philip E. Stieg, MD, PhD, FAANS

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