Get Connected with NREF-YNC Social Media Lab

In collaboration with the AANS Young Neurosurgeons Committee (YNC), the NREF is excited to announce the launch of a permanent online home for the NREF-YNC Social Media Lab.

The mission of the lab is to promote social media engagement and education among neurosurgeons — particularly those individuals who aspire to develop their online brand, yet who lack the time and energy to build social media accounts and gain platform expertise de novo.

The first video is an introduction to Twitter for neurosurgeons and reviews everything needed to get started with a professional Twitter profile, including account creation, profile optimization, finding high-yield accounts to following using the YNC-curated neurosurgery lists and composing your first tweet.

To view the first video, please visit YNC-NREF Social Media Lab - Twitter 101.

Look for more exciting Social Media Lab content in the future – we hope to see you on Twitter soon!

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