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The Rhoton Collection

The Rhoton Collection®


AANS members have free access to an online repository of legendary teaching materials illustrating neuroanatomy from Albert L. Rhoton Jr., MD, FAANS(L). The Rhoton Collection® website is an interactive site providing Dr. Rhoton’s slides, video lectures and an interactive atlas – all in 2D and 3D formats.

These high-resolution images and videos are available for use in presentations or educational materials: simply credit The Rhoton Collection®.

To access, go directly to The Rhoton Collection®: If you do not remember your login or experience login issues, use the site’s “Reset Password” or “Create an Account” options.   

  • Browse content in an interactive format for self-study
  • Access content in full-screen presentation mode for conferences and teaching
  • Project slides and highlights in 2D or 3D directly from the Internet
  • Download high-resolution slides and illustrations in a variety of formats

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The Rhoton Collection® Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is The Rhoton Collection®?

The Rhoton Collection® is an online repository of Dr. Rhoton’s teaching materials. It will ultimately include all of his slides, his video lectures and an interactive atlas - all in 2D and 3D formats.  The NREF and the AANS are currently funding the effort to scan this vast collection of slides, numbering in the tens of thousands.  The collection also includes thousands of drawings created by volunteers that highlight anatomical structures in the interactive atlas and in the videos.

The main goal of Dr. Rhoton’s efforts is to increase knowledge of neurosurgical anatomy, thereby making surgery more accurate and safe.  The Rhoton Collection® is designed to make this as efficient as possible.

How long do you believe The Rhoton Collection® will be current and in use?

Anatomy is timeless.  Given that “Gray’s Anatomy” is still referenced after 100 years, it is expected that The Rhoton Collection® will remain useful for many decades to come. 

How do I access The Rhoton Collection®?

The direct link to The Rhoton Collection® is Once there, you can set up a username and password or, if you already have credentials, log in to the site. If you do not remember your login or experience login issues, use the site’s “Reset Password” or “Create an Account” options.

What does it cost to use items in The Rhoton Collection®?

The Rhoton Collection® is sponsored by the AANS and NREF so that it can be freely available worldwide, in accordance with Dr. Rhoton’s desire for his educational materials to have as much impact as possible.  Fellows from all over the world have helped Dr. Rhoton create this vast collection, and the whole world will benefit from their work.

Can I use materials from The Rhoton Collection® for presentations and publications?

Materials in The Rhoton Collection® are available for download in high-resolution formats suitable for educational presentations, publications or for media use. Materials may be re-used for educational or media purposes as long as credit is given to The Rhoton Collection®. Watermarks may not be removed from the images or videos.

If you wish to use the content for commercial advertising or other purposes, please contact the NREF at 888.566.2267 or

Is there an opportunity to financially support The Rhoton Collection®?


To support this work on The Rhoton Collection® through the Neurosurgery Research & Education Foundation (NREF), visit and select the “Honor Your Neurosurgical Mentor” donation option, then choose Albert Rhoton Jr, MD Fund.  Donations from industry and individuals will help to cover the costs of running and maintaining the collection, as well as expenses incurred by Dr. Rhoton’s lab to complete the collection.  Please contact NREF for more information on these opportunities at 888.566.2267 or

How is The Rhoton Collection® organized and accessed?

The Rhoton Collection® website is not a conventional static web page, but rather a complex application that runs in a web browser, much like Gmail and other ‘Apps’.  All anatomical topics and cases can be viewed interactively for self-study, or in a full screen presentation mode that can be used in conferences to project slides directly from the internet in 2D or 3D.  Many topics will have related video lectures.

Is it easy to navigate The Rhoton Collection®?

Links to commonly viewed topics are listed on the main page for quick access.  Using the search function, it is easy to find the images you are looking for by selecting key words.

Is The Rhoton Collection® available for use on mobile, etc.?

Versions of the application that are customized for phones and tablets are in the works. The goal is to have the best neurosurgical teaching files in the world cross-referenced and available instantly at all scales - phone, tablet, laptop, 3D TV and projector - so that they can be used in any teaching situation.

Does The Rhoton Collection® include more than just images?

Yes, it is also an interactive anatomical atlas and an archive for related neurosurgical cases.   Work is also underway to cross reference The Rhoton Collection® to the neurosurgical literature as it relates to various topics on anatomy and surgical approaches.  For example, while studying facial nerve anatomy you could quickly view a list of all the seminal papers about it and open a pdf of a paper directly.  The Journal of Neurosurgery will be using The Rhoton Collection® as an anatomical reference, so that readers of online journal articles can quickly review related anatomical topics.

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