NSA Neurosurgical Founders Fund

Fund Purpose: To fund education for the NSA Annual Meeting.

The Neurosurgical Society of America (NSA) was founded with a mission to advance the profession of neurological surgery.

Founding Members of the Society included:

  • Claude M. Bertrand
  • Joseph Dorsey
  • Carl J. Graf
  • C. D. Hawkes
  • Lewis M. Helfer
  • Thomas J. Holbrook
  • Everett F. Hurteau
  • Harry P. Maxwell
  • William F. Meacham
  • Arthur Morris
  • Frank Otenasek
  • William B. Patton
  • George E. Roulhac
  • Edward B. Schlesinger
  • I. Joshua Speigel
  • Charles E. Troland
  • Jack I. Woolf

The objectives of the Society shall be to enhance the advancement of the specialty of neurological surgery in America:

  • by furnishing a forum for intimate exchange of ideas and information among a group of representative neurosurgeons;
  • by fostering a personal acquaintanceship among its members to make free and confident exchange of information possible;
  • by bringing young neurosurgeons of promise into a group where they can develop full expression of ideas before a cross section of American neurosurgery;
  • by sponsoring international meetings on a personal plane of critical but sympathetic discussion of progress in neurological surgery on this continent and abroad through further dissemination of new information in the field of neurological surgery; and
  • by maintaining in its membership roll a balance between academic and practicing neurosurgeons to promote harmonious balance between teaching of neurosurgery and its practice in American communities.

The Society’s Annual Meeting provides members with opportunities for fellowship and the exchange of knowledge and experience.

In recognition of the NSA Founders, this fund was created to further educational programs during the Society’s Annual Meeting.

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